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🎉 Introducing Hoop For Slack: Make And Document Decisions Directly In Slack

Making better decisions faster is now just a slash command away.

It’s a familiar scene, the conversation starts flowing in Slack, ideas are proposed, threads unfurl, and then the inevitable question gets asked:

“Wait, what did we actually decide?”

A digital archeological dig takes place and once the chat is surfaced, new ideas emerge, different folks chime in, and the whole process begins anew. 

While building Hoop to help teams make better decisions faster, our top feature request has been a Slack integration. We’ve learned that what benefits teams is a bit of process to help make and capture decisions as they happen, where they happen already.

Starting today, you'll be able to generate decisions, dialogue, and document directly in Slack.

Some of the top feedback we hear about challenges with decision making include variations on:

1) "I don't know who can actually make a decision."

2) "It's hard to know when a decision has actually been made."

3) "I want to understand why a decision was made."

Layer that with the constant barrage of information, meetings, and notifications and it's no surprise most knowledge workers feel frustrated with decision making. Hoop's Slack integration reduces ambiguity and clarifies the complexity when it comes to decision making, while allowing users to stay in the flow of the conversation. 

You can create a decision simply by typing "/hoop" into a public Slack channel to kick things off. From there, add the decision to be made, give some context, and start adding options.

You can create new decisions with the /hoop slash command

If someone adds a great idea in the Hoop decision thread, simply emoji react with the lightbulb emoji to add it as an option.

The integration has decision making best practices like assigning an owner, due date, and facilitating anonymous weighing in to reduce bias, and decisions can be formalized without leaving Slack. 

Anonymous weighing in reduces bias in the decision making process

For more complex decisions, you can jump into the Hoop on web to add more details, due dates, and ownership roles.

As decisions are made in Slack, they are recorded so anyone can see the context behind why a decision was made at any time. A decision artifact that can be shared easily is generated without leaving Slack.

Switch to the Hoop web app for a log of past and current decisions

We're excited for you to give this a try and discover other powerful features (we'll share them publicly soon!). If you haven't signed up for Hoop's waitlist, please do so by entering your email below.

If you already have an account, you'll need to reauthenticate your Slack connection by logging into your Hoop account and going to your profile.

Let's fix the way we work.

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