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Introducing The All New Hoop

Are you ready to start making better decisions faster? Check out the new Hoop.

One of the advantages of building in public as a startup is getting feedback in real time from real users. Our goal at Hoop is to ship quickly, learn, and iterate so we can provide the most value to users. When something works, awesome! When it doesn’t, let’s find a better solution. 

Today, we are excited to share the next version of Hoop!

We’ve built a new, simplified Hoop containing important, research backed elements for successful decision making (without all the meetings). Rather than imposing a ton of structure, Hoop now allows for conversation around a decision with accountability baked in. 

Here are just a few of the new features:

🤸🏼 A flexible framework

When it comes to decision making, there’s no one-size fits all solution. Hoop is now built with flexibility in mind, adaptable to any decision.

💪🏾 Defined roles 

Lack of clarity around who does what slows down decisions. Choose your decision maker and contributors so that everyone knows who the stars of the show are.

📅 Auto-reminders

Reminding people to contribute to decisions is annoying. Leading up to a decision’s due date, contributors get notified in Slack- we call it “auto-nagging.”

✍🏽 Quick capture

Decisions are happening wherever work takes place and capturing them in a decision log is key. We’ve made it easier to capture decisions that happen in meetings or chat. Record them by using “/decided” in Slack, and Hoop will auto log it for you.

🤖 Updated Slack app

We’ve also streamlined the Hoop app for Slack to integrate better with the new Hoop. Try the “/hoop” command to create decisions in Slack that live on in Hoop.

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