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Announcing our $5m seed round

AI Task Management For Busy Professionals

Hoop connects to tools like Google Meet, Zoom, and Slack and uses AI to grab all your tasks. One consolidated list that follows you from meeting to Slack channel to meeting. Boom!

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Never miss another task

Automatically capture tasks with AI

Focus in your meetings, and skip checking Slack. Hoop captures everything you have to do and puts it in one spot.

Works with your favorite tools

Connect to Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack with more tools coming soon.

All your tasks in one place

Centralize tasks across tools and stay on top of all your work.

Your privacy is our priority

Focus on your work knowing your data is secure.

AI Security

Your data is never used by AI providers to train models.

Data Privacy

All user generated content is for your eyes only.

Visibility Controls

You’re in control. Only participants access meeting content, and you control visibility otherwise.


Hoop uses enterprise-grade security practices to keep your data safe and protected.

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