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The Hoop team (from left) - Josh, Travis, Stella, Brad, Brian, and Justin - at our offsite in Minneapolis.

The Hoop team (from left) - Josh, Travis, Stella, Brad, Brian, and Justin

Our Vision

Twenty-three minutes. That’s how long it takes to regain focus after an interruption. Yet, most of us work in highly interruptive environments. We’re wrangling DMs from chat while jumping from back-to-back meetings, all while trying to make progress on our never-ending to-do lists. We've seen unprecedented rates of burnout in recent years, yet managers’ solution to the productivity puzzle is bringing people back to the office, rather than addressing the real issue.

The flip side of this type of working style is one that promotes focus and deep work. Getting into a flow state where creativity is unlocked through concentration and flexibility. Recognizing that the best work can be done anywhere, if people are empowered to create the conditions to unleash it.

At Hoop, we believe that current software enables interruptive work by emphasizing the urgent over the important. We’re building tools that help teams work in a better way, creating space for deep creative work, and making better decisions faster without meetings.

About The Founders

Justin, Stella and Brian were early executives at Trello. Justin led Product, Engineering and Design for over a decade. Stella led Marketing, championing remote work as the future before it was a thing. Brian led Operations, Finance and Legal. They built out one of the most successful project management tools in history, all while growing a remotely distributed team with a strong and fun culture.

When Atlassian acquired Trello in 2017, they stayed on and built Trello within Atlassian. In 2022, they decided it was time to start something new taking what they’d learned while building Trello, the successful remotely distributed company, and Trello, the successful, widely loved project management tool. That’s Hoop!

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