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Hoop is on a mission to bring creativity and focus back to work.


These days, task management is a job unto itself.  People have to write down tasks, rely on memory, attend back-to-back meetings all while having to write status updates constantly. Hoop is the next generation of task and project management. With Hoop, much of the rote repetitive is done by AI leaving people more time to do what they do best: focused and creative work. This starts with centralizing tasks across tools automatically, and evolves into teamwork that’s transparent, focused, and more intelligent.

The Hoop team (from left) - Josh, Travis, Stella, Brad, Brian, and Justin - at our offsite in Minneapolis.

The Hoop team (from left) - Josh, Travis, Stella, Brad, Brian, and Justin


Hoop is a remote first, mostly asynchronous team located across the US. We care deeply about building delightful, world class software that keeps the customer at the center of every product decision. We’re highly intentional about how we work, with a focus on high trust, and high accountability.


Justin, Stella and Brian were early executives at Trello. Justin led Product, Engineering and Design for over a decade. Stella led Marketing, championing remote work as the future before it was a thing. Brian led Operations, Finance and Legal. They built out one of the most successful project management tools in history, all while growing a remotely distributed team with a strong and fun culture.

When Atlassian acquired Trello in 2017, they stayed on and built Trello within Atlassian. In 2022, they decided it was time to start something new taking what they’d learned while building Trello, the successful remotely distributed company, and Trello, the successful, widely loved project management tool. That’s Hoop!

Stella Garber


Brian Schmidt


Justin Gallagher



Wade Foster

CEO, Zapier

Job van der Voort

CEO, Remote

Kristen Habacht

CRO, Typeform

Jay Simons

Fmr President, Atlassian

Linda Lian

CEO, Common Room

Michael Pryor

Co-founder, Trello

Andy Dunn

Co-founder, Bonobos

Jiaona Zhang

CPO, LinkTree

Nikita Miller

SVP Product, The Knot

Darren Murph

Fmr Head of Remote, Gitlab

Annie Duke

Author, Decision Strategist

Maggie Adhami-Boynton

CEO, Shopthing

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