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Best practices for using Hoop

A quick walkthrough of how Brian, one of Hoop's founders, uses Hoop to stay on top of all the things. 🪄

Hi there everyone!  Here's a quick guide on how I use Hoop to power through my work day, leveraging automatic, AI driven task capture in Hoop. There's a video, and then after, a bulleted list of the different things you can do in Hoop.

Incoming List Overview

On the left, there's a special list that's an inbox for all of your AI captured tasks. Tasks are captured from Slack, and from meetings that use either Zoom or Google Meet.

  • AI inbox for tasks from Slack and meetings
  • AI capture badge for tasks from Slack
  • Tasks from Zoom and Google Met calls are also captured

Task Detail View

If you click into a task, you can get added detail and context.

  • AI-generated title and context summary
  • Ability to edit task details
  • Drag and drop tasks to move to the to-do list

To-Do List

The central list in Hoop is your to do list. You can drag automatically captured tasks in here and order them by drag-and-drop. Tasks can also be added here manually!

  • Central area for organizing tasks
  • Tasks can be added directly

Events and Meetings

In Hoop, you have fine grained controls over when Hoop attends meetings on your behalf to collect tasks.

  • View upcoming events and meetings
  • Choose whether Hoop attends meetings on your behalf
  • Enable/disable task capture for specific events


Hoop stays on top of all your work so you don't have to. 💪

  • Utilize Hoop to manage incoming tasks efficiently
  • Ensure tasks from meetings and chat are captured and organized
  • Stay on top of work tasks confidently with Hoop’s assistance

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