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We're Hiring A Front End Engineer

We're looking for a passionate and talented front end engineer to help build Hoop, and define engineering at an early stage startup.

(Update: This position has been filled and we don’t currently have any open positions. However, if you’re interested in what we’re building and want to be considered for a future role, email us at founders@hoop.app)

We're hiring a founding Front-End Engineer!  Hoop is a venture backed startup that helps teams make better decisions faster without meetings. Founders, Justin Gallagher, Brian Schmidt and Stella Garber, were early executives at Trello who took the business from startup to $425m acquisition by Atlassian in 2017 and beyond. Hoop is backed by world class investors behind companies like Notion, Trello, Figma, and Coda.

About Hoop

Hoop’s mission is to help teams work better asynchronously, first by empowering teams to make better decisions faster without meetings. Though there’s a whole field of research around decision science, most teams are stuck without tooling or processes to help with decision making. This results in tons of meetings and even more ambiguity. Hoop helps teams bring clarity to decision making, empowering them to surface, discuss, and make decisions asynchronously, all while using existing tools.

Our Culture

We’re on a personal mission to prove to the world that you can build a world class software business where employees have rich, meaningful lives outside of work that make them happier, more fulfilled, and more productive at work.

More about Hoop:

  • Reduced workweek. 4 days or 5 shorter days.
  • Remotely distributed (within the US)
  • Mostly asynchronous, with meaningful sync time for collaboration
  • Focused on excellence in craft

We’re a team of ambitious, high achievers who are masters in our crafts and take immense pride in our work. We’ve built a remotely distributed team previously in executive roles at Trello, and we believe the next step forward is asynchronous work. More here.

This role reports directly to Justin Gallagher, Chief Product Officer, who has spent his career scaling Product, Engineering, and Design teams.

Role Responsibilities

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to define engineering at an early stage startup. As an early front-end engineering hire, we’ll look to you to:

  • Work closely with the founders to assess opportunities, prioritize work, and make foundational technical decisions.
  • Build out the initial version of our product as well as integrations with other tools in the knowledge worker tech stack.
  • Contribute to the product vision and roadmap via a combination of your engineering expertise and an understanding of our mission, market, and customers.
  • Help build out the foundational engineering team by establishing standards and customs.
  • To date we’ve built Hoop using a no code platform and are in the first chapter of choosing which technologies we will use to build out our application. The founding engineers will contribute to these decisions.

About You

  • You’re an experienced front-end engineer adept at balancing short term progress with long term suitability.
  • You have a versatile engineering skillset and refined product sensibilities, enabling you to contribute up and down the tech stack when needed.
  • You have experience with modern web application technology stacks. This likely includes some (but not necessarily any specific one) of the following technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Next.js, Elm, Tailwind, Less, Node.js, Django, Flask, Rails, Laravel, Phoenix.
  • You’re a clear communicator who’s skilled at collaborating cross-functionally by tailoring your message to ensure it connects with your audience.
  • You’re passionate about your craft and take pride in sweating the details to consistently produce high-quality work.
  • You believe in the promise of virtual-first work and want to help the world fulfill it.
  • You prefer an environment that favors focus and creativity via asynchronous working practices over always-on, synchronous cultures.
  • You are based in the United States

Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive total compensation plan including salary and equity
  • Health, dental & vision insurance; 401(k)
  • The tools you need to get your work done
  • Remote work, with an emphasis on asynchronous work and a 4-day work week
  • Offsites to build community and gather momentum on our priorities

To apply, please send an email to founders@hoop.app

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