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Inside The Startup: Experimenting With AI To Help Make Better Decisions, Even Faster

Get a sneak peek of our most recent experiment, HoopGPT

AI is everywhere. Whether you’re writing content, surfing the web, organizing meeting notes, or planning an offsite, there is an AI integration to help. While there is a lot of confusion about what AI can do, the hope is that AI is here to help us work smarter and faster. 

A recent paper from MIT exploring AI’s effect on human decision making demonstrates that AI helps people consider options they wouldn't have otherwise considered, leading to better decision outcomes. Using that insight as a guide, we considered what an AI assist might look like in Hoop. We call it: HoopGPT. 

Building off of our recently released Hoop app for Slack, which allows teams to capture and create decisions right where the conversation is happening. HoopGPT makes it possible to instantly generate a list of options when creating decisions, thanks to an integration with OpenAI. 

Our goal at Hoop is not only to provide teams with a lightweight science backed process for making better decisions, but to help teams make those decisions faster so that they can get to implementing, learning, and iterating, without wasting time in meetings. 

Here are just a few examples where HoopGPT improved our decisions with better options:

  • Which coding languages with built-in accessibility tools should we choose?
  • What CMS tool should we select for our website and blog?
  • Which East Coast city should we have our offsite in the winter?

We’ve found internally that letting HoopGPT generate options surfaces ideas we hadn’t considered, and we’re excited about the potential to bring AI into even more decisions. It’s clear that AI can’t make decisions for us (yet!) but it can help us become better decision-makers.

In fact, researcher Ethan Mollick, shared an insightful post on AI and decision making just last week. One of the major takeaways was that AI could help us get out of our human heads and unstick us from all the biases we’re partial to. He suggested AI could be a helpful “companion for thinking.”

"AI can assist us as a thinking companion to improve our own decision-making, helping us reflect on our own choices (rather than simply relying on the AI to make choices for us)." - Ethan Mollick

Looking towards the future, one of the key advantages of AI is its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that are not immediately apparent to humans. This can help decision-makers to make more informed choices and improve the accuracy of their predictions.

For example, AI can be used to analyze customer data and predict future trends, helping companies to tailor their decisions around marketing strategies and product offerings to more quickly meet changing demands. Offloading that decision work to AI could give us the bandwidth to then work on the more creative and fulfilling parts of our jobs. 

What would you expect AI to help you with in decision making? Let us know by replying on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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