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Introducing Hoop: The to-do list that writes itself

Hoop automatically captures tasks across tools so you never miss a thing.

AI is supposed to make us better, more productive humans, right? Most of us aren’t seeing a ton of value beyond the hype. The problem is our working day is kind of a mess, and no amount of summarization or chats with a robot is going to make it better. That is, unless the AI can actually address the root problem.

AI that captures all your tasks across tools

Introducing Hoop, the new AI to-do list that writes itself. Hoop captures tasks across tools and gives us humans easy ways to stay on top of our work.

Imagine, you’re in a meeting, and you’re frantically writing down to-dos from your boss, while answering Slack messages and keeping an eye on all your other tools to make sure you’re not missing requests to comment or approve something important. You're doing your best trying to keep track of what you need to do across tools (sometimes hand written on scrap paper) but you feel like you're constantly missing something. Even if you aren’t missing anything, you’re doing a lot of busywork to feel caught up.

Tasks are captured automatically in Hoop across meetings and Slack

You wake up at night remembering that DM you forgot to respond to. This constant anxiety is costly to your productivity, your mental health, and your performance.

With Hoop, you no longer have to live that reality. Hoop captures everything you need to do across your tools and helps you keep track of what’s most important and most actionable...automatically. 

Your stuff is scattered across lots of tools, with no central view of what you need to do. That's exactly what Hoop is for: giving you a centralized view of all your tasks across tools without you needing to write or remember anything.

You can ignore your notifications, finally give important meetings the attention they deserve, and know with confidence that Hoop is going to capture anything that needs your attention. 

Early Hoop users have called the product, “Magical,” and a “Lifesaver.” They’ve been able to go from the chaos and anxiety to paying attention in meetings and feeling secure, knowing all their tasks will be captured across tools. Try it out here.

Hoop's AI attends your meetings and captures all your tasks

How does it work?

How the heck does Hoop do this? Today,  Hoop captures tasks across Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet, but that’s just the beginning. In the future, you’ll be able to connect more tools and share tasks across your team. 

All you’ll need to do is connect Hoop to your accounts, then sit back and watch the magic happen. Err, that sounds cliche. Maybe more like sit back and watch the robots work their magic. That sounds creepy. Just sit back, or maybe even better, disconnect and get into a flow state and have confidence that when you’re ready to tackle more tasks, you’ll have a consolidated and prioritized central spot for everything you need to do.

Thank you

If you’re reading this far, thank you for being part of our journey.

From the beginning of Hoop, we’ve aspired to build software that supports a more sustainable way of working. Our goal is to unleash the focus and creativity available to you when you’re not subjected to back-to-back meetings that fry your brain. The reactive nature of today’s ping, ding and distraction digital workplace leaves no room for the hours of deep focus time needed to unlock your best work. 

We imagine a world where technology helps humans aspire and achieve greatness instead of shackling us with distractions, context switching, and notification overload. Sounds good, right?

This is what we’re building towards, and we’d love for you to continue being part of our journey. Give Hoop a spin.

And let us know what you think by emailing us or catching us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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