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The future of work is about “How” not “Where” — Introducing Hoop.

We’re building Hoop to help you and your team move work forward.

The way we work is broken. While most of the conversation is stuck on the WHERE of work (office? home?) the reality is that HOW we work is what really needs to change.

In the years since the pandemic, time spent in meetings has tripled, and we’ve moved to an interruption based style of working that assumes everyone is online and available any time. Information gets lost and is scrolled to oblivion, creating a vicious cycle of following-up, meeting, and little action to show for all that time spent talking. Instead of addressing what’s most important, we’re forced to give our attention to the most recent ding, ping, or notification.

If you’re in meetings and responding to DMs all day, how can you get any real work done?

We’re building Hoop to help you and your team move work forward in a way that respects your time and priorities, transforming conversations into action, decisions, and accountability. We're closing the loop on collaboration. Join us!

🔭 Our vision: From missing deadlines to staying aligned

Hoop is a focused space for the work that matters.  Work in Hoop is organized based on shared priorities, with an emphasis on the who, what and when of how things get done. When there’s clarity around expectations, you can do the work rather than talk about the work.

Listen, we understand that nobody really wants another tool in their workflow.

So we’re building Hoop to fit into your existing workflows starting with Slack. In Slack, there’s a lot’s going on. Too much honestly. How can you keep up?

With Hoop, you can create and elevate important messages in Slack and wrap them in a structure that promotes accountability.  By giving you control over your work, Hoop creates space for you to be thoughtful and creative, while at the same time ensuring responses come in and deadlines are met.

Here’s how:

  • Hoop clarifies the important details of your work, so you know who's doing what, what has to happen, and when it's due
  • Hoop automatically follows-up with teammates in Slack so you don’t have to be a constant nag.
  • Hoop leverages AI to you keep you in the loop, so you can understand the state of work without having to read every quip and comment.

Teams using Hoop see a high level view of their work, so they can focus on what matters most and deliver it successfully and on time.

🛣 The journey ahead

The Slack workflow is the first step in realizing our vision of work that is defined by alignment, clarity, and communication that doesn’t distract and detract. We have the opportunity to manifest a new style of working that reduces ambiguity and empowers everyone to be able to focus on moving work forward as a team in a more respectful way.

If you’re finding yourself nodding your head, we'd love to talk to you. We're working with a small group of teams who are helping shape the future of work. If you'd like to get involved, let us know.

We're grateful for the opportunity to change the way we work for the better. Thanks for your support!

The Hoop team- Justin, Stella, Brian, Josh, Travis and Brad

Let's fix the way we work.

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