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Managing which meetings Hoop attends

Hoop captures tasks in all your meetings, unless you prefer otherwise

Hoop is designed to capture all your tasks across tools automatically…without you ever having to do anything after connecting your tools (Zoom, Google Meet, and Slack). By default, Hoop will attend your meetings to capture tasks for you.  

For many people, the right approach to Hoop is to "set it and forget it.”  After you’ve connected your tools, Hoop does the work to collect tasks on your behalf.

However, in certain circumstances, users may need more control over which meetings Hoop attends.  With that in mind, we make it super easy to tell Hoop which meetings to skip.  You can tell Hoop not to attend specific meetings, to skip a whole series of meetings, and there’s a way to tell Hoop to buzz off during a meeting in progress.  Here’s how you do it.

Telling Hoop to skip specific meetings

Open the “Events” tab in the top right where you’ll see a list of all the meetings on your calendar sorted by date. Click into the three dot menu on the right hand side of any upcoming meeting.

Open "Events" and each meeting has its own record

A menu pops up  with the text “Enable Task Capture” toggled to the right.  The toggle is green.  This means that Hoop will be attending the meeting and capturing tasks. If you want Hoop to skip themeeting, toggle the attendance button. The event will now appear greyed out on your Events screen and Hoop will not attend the meeting (and not asks will be captured during the meeting).

Hoop will capture tasks for you in this meeting. Toggle off to tell Hoop not to attend.

Telling Hoop to skip recurring meetings

For recurring meetings, the menu will display an option to have Hoop not attend the selected meeting, or to apply the same treatment to all meetings in the series. If you’d like Hoop not to attend meeting series, hit the toggle and select the option to apply your preference to “all events in the series.” Hoop won’t attend any of those meetings going forward, unless you come back and change your settings.  Once again, this means no tasks will be captured during these meetings.

Telling Hoop to exit a meeting … during the meeting

If you’re in a live meeting and you see Hoop come in, there are three easy ways to remove Hoop.

First, in the Hoop app in your web browser, you’ll see the live meeting in your events tab at the top in green.  Click on the three dot menu on the right, and click on “Remove Bot.”  Hoop will exit the meeting, and no additional tasks will be captured.

Removing Hoop from a meeting inprogress

Second, you can also type “Bye Hoop” into chat within Zoom and the bot will exit.

Third, if you’re the meeting host, you can remove Hoop just like any meeting attendant using host controls.  If you’re doing this within Zoom, please uncheck the box to report Hoop.  🙏


We’re designing Hoop to be the most flexible and easy way to manage tasks. If there’s something different you’d like to see, shoot us an email at so we know what you’re thinking.

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